Girlish body in drops! 57 yearold Salma Hayek showed off her youthful figure in a luscious swimsսit

Girlish body in drops! 57 yearold Salma Hayek showed off her youthful figure in a luscious swimsսit

Salma Hayek continues to amaze fans with hot biкini shots. Recently, the actress has become seriously interested in candid photo shoots.

Salma is clearly proud of her curves, which she managed to maintain even after 50. Moreover, the sultry brunette assures fans: she gave up sports a long time ago. Now the secret to her figure is positivity and everyday activity.

Now Salma rarely acts in films. The actress finally had time to live for herself. Hayek is married to one of the richest people in the world. Her husband is entrepreneur Francois-Henri Pinault.

In this marriage, Hayek gave birth to her only daughter, Valentina. The heiress of the couple is already 16 years old. Salma is clearly enjoying her status as a happy wife and mother of an adult daughter.

So lately, the Mexican beauty has been increasingly sharing photos from her travels rather than from film sets.

At the same time, Hayek is now in phenomenal shape. Every time the actress posts a candid photo, the audience is delighted. Few people look so luxurious at 57 years old.



At the same time, the actress said in a recent interview: at this stage of her life, sports are not for her. She trained a lot when she was actively acting in films.

Now she is terribly tired of this, so she is trying to do without the gym. Salma now walks and swims a lot, and it seems to be working great.

Recently, the actress shared a photo in a swimsսit of a rich orange hue. In the photo, the sultry brunette is literally lying on the water. From this angle, fans had a unique opportunity to look at Salma’s flat stomach.

And, I must say, after such shots it is very difficult to believe that Hayek does not pump up his abs (read also: Million dollar body? What do the lovers of the richest men look like in swimsսits).

The actress has always looked luxurious, but now she is especially beautiful. Apparently the passionate Mexican woman has finally found harmony both in her profession and in her personal life.

Now Salma proves by her example: even after 50 you can look amazing. The main thing is a positive attitude

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