Britney Spears risks racy wardrobe malfunction as she pulls down sкi mру hot раn ts

Britney Spears risks racy wardrobe malfunction as she pulls down sкi mру hot раn ts

Britney Spears almost exposed too much in a new social media video.

The 42-year-old pop star nearly experienced a major overshare as she slipped her figure into a pair of tiny pink shorts,

which she paired with a white see-through crop top and a pink bikini top underneath for her latest Instagram appearance.

She showed off her impressive physique as she strutted her stuff wearing a pair of black high heels as she styled her trademark blonde locks in a half-up, half-down ponytail.

The eye-catching outfit showcased the performer’s rock-hard abs and toned legs, as well as her two small tattoos at her waist as she pulled down her bottoms to tease more skin.

Mother-of-two, Britney nearly gave her followers more than they bargained for while tugging at her waistband of her hot pants and again while running her hands up her stomach.

At one point, the Womanizer singer grabbed beneath her breasts, pushing them upward and bringing her shirt with it.

She looked pleased of her figure as she smiled and gazed seductively at the camera. She included no words in her caption but included three pink flower emojis.

Hours before she shared the video with fans, the Crossroads actress complained about her skin tone while rocking another sexy number.

She addressed her insecurities in a follow-up post, capturing her dancing in a plunging white minidress.

Britney continuously tousled her hair while running her hands along her body in the revealing outfit. She wrote: «I didn’t like how pale my legs looked in my last post !!!

Lighting, especially in a ring light, can do amazing things, but it can also really mess things up. It’s all good … we live and learn. Hope you guys are having a good day.»

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