An attractive breast line and a radiant smile: An airport paparazzi snapped Angelina Jolie

Why is the 47-year-old actress pale and dejected? What does Brad Pitt’s happiness have to do with it?

As Angelina Jolie has been in the acceptance stage for the past few days, the FBI has officially closed the investigation into her altercation with Brad Pitt aboard an airliner. The story centers around a scandal from years ago when Pitt slapped Jolie on the wrist after her son stood up for her during an argument between the star couple.

Today, February 20, new footage of 47-year-old Angie has surfaced – the star has clearly changed for the worse. Jolie has stopped caring about her appearance aside from the depressing grey-and-black color scheme in her clothes. The actress’s curls are literally like a loofah – dry and weak, they look as unhealthy as possible – clearly, she goes overboard with dieting, which caused them to be like this. Also, Angelina has a severe lip deformity – she had plastic surgery in the past to reduce the size of her mouth. A celebrity who had Botox added volume to his skin as he aged because the tissues began to thin. She ended up with a duck’s mouth on her lips. (Read also: 10 hot photos of Brad Pitt’s new lover – you’ll be envious).

Jolie is now approaching her 50s crisis, so it’s likely that her depression is also a result of feeling irrelevant. While Brad Pitt has a new career path and a vibrant relationship, Angelina remains lonely and feared as the “bitch” of Hollywood. (Read also: Angelina Jolie depressed: Brad Pitt and his girlfriend of 30 years Ines de Ramon post passionate photos)

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