Baby is a record holder: What a girl looks like now, who is much larger than her peers

Today we will talk about a girl who, at the age of 4, has already become a record holder, although the record is not quite standard. The fact is that Chahat Kumar from India weighs much more than the norm. Already at 8 months, she weighed 20 kilograms!

She was born without deviations and up to four months was considered quite an ordinary baby. But then she began to constantly demand food, and if she was refused, she immediately threw tantrums. As it turned out at the medical examination, she weighs as one as two or even three babies of her age.

It turned out that there are still deviations and the fact that the girl has such an appetite is not the norm. This is a genetic disorder that affects a very small percentage of people on Earth. But Chahat’s parents are not at all worried about the heiress, believing that such an appetite is better than a complete refusal to eat.


At the moment, Kumar is already 4 years old and she is still gaining weight, and eating whatever she wants. But the plus is that it does not affect the body in any way.

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