“The Former Beauty Is Gone”: Look What Meg Ryan Looks Like In The Result Of Numerous Operations!

Meg Ryan has always been considered one of the most beloved and bright actresses in Hollywood. Her film works became real hits, and the actress herself very quickly found herself at the peak of popularity.

Fans appreciated not only the talent of the actress, but also her beauty. Young Meg Ryan had an angelic appearance. Luxurious blond hair, huge blue eyes and bow lips. She won the hearts of fans with her radiant smile.

However, the actress succumbed to fashion trends. Ryan decided on plastic surgery. She changed the shape of her lips, chin, and also her eyes. The actress became unrecognizable.

The directors did not want to see such Meg Ryan in their films. With age, everything got even worse – the face of the actress changed. She needed more and more surgeries.

As a result, she became unrecognizable. Career suffered. Today fans do not recognize the beautiful actress.

Now the actress is only 61 years old, but visually she looks much older!

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