“You’re a fabulous icon!” – “Melrose District” star Lisa Rinna paraded around in a bodysuit

Lisa Rinna, who starred in the critically acclaimed television series “Melrose Neighborhood,” is a model of an American socialite.

She recently set fire to her Instagram profile by posting a scorching photo of herself posing in a sexy dress. During Copenhagen Fashion Week, the TV hostess attended the display of Danish brand Rotate Birger Christensen’s new collection. The 59-year-old businesswoman walked the runway in a provocative black bodysuit with tiny shoulder straps that slid down from her torso, showing a celebrity’s stunning bust.

Rinna showed off her slim legs for the presentation, emphasizing that age is just a number. The dancer dressed down her casual outfit with a large leopard print fur cloak and dark patent high heeled shoes. She accessorized with enormous gold earrings and colorful makeup. Lynna’s short, Mohawk-style hair spiced up the outfit.

“HAPPY ❤️‍🔥,” the American woman captioned the photo.

It is worth noting that neither Lisa’s thin shape nor the lushness of her bust have failed her over the years – she is still lovely, as attested by the celebrity’s subscribers in the comments:

“Coolest lady,” “HOLLYWOOD’S BIGGEST MODEL.”, “Oh my god, you look just like Raquel Walch, so awesome,” “You are a fabulous icon,” “Live your life…don’t let anyone break you,” “You look fantastic,” “You are such an inspiration!!!”, “I mean….. like…. WOW.”

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