Britney in a red biкini captured seductive movements on the ocean

Britney in a red biкini captured seductive movements on the ocean

The actress shared a video from the holiday.

The popular singer Britney Spears, who recently appeared in court against the guardianship of her father, went on vacation to the ocean with her beloved.

In her photoblog, the star shared a new video from the holiday, which appeared in a red biкini and a medical mask. The performer playfully posed on the ocean, bending like a cat. Britney either waited for a wave, or made an “angel” in the sand.

“I love the sound of the ocean at night and I love hearing people laugh on my balcony…

There is togetherness here and it’s endless! Here I am playing in the mud and making angels in the sand by the ocean! More to come… More to share… more to dream… more to hope… and much more to pray!”

However, in the comments, the followers noted that the artist shot the video back in September last year during a vacation in Hawaii. They compared the singer’s past posts,

and noticed that the star is dressed exactly the same as in the new video. They also noted that they had already seen the same algae near the performer on the beach.

Recall that recently Britney Spears made an emotional post in her photoblog. The artist apologized to fans for imitating a happy life for two years.

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