Dress-temptation! 50-year-old Kate flashed her body on the red carpet in Venice

Many Hollywood stars look younger than their actual age. After all, keeping a close eye on appearance is part of their job. But the inimitable Kate Beckinsale will give a hundred points ahead to all her colleagues.

The actress went into her sixth decade, but who would believe it when they saw this graceful, bright, charming brunette in front of them? Of course, Kate is not averse to flaunt her impeccable appearance and perfect figure – and even haters cannot condemn her for this.

Luxurious transparent dresses, ultramini and bright trends are the basis of the actress’s outfits. In general, the style of the actress can be defined as sеxy, sensual and even provocative to some extent.

She can appear in an exquisite floor-length dress, decorated with a modest neckline, and sometimes shock (of course, nicely) the audience with an almost “naked” dress. And Kate likes bohemian style.

The actress often goes out in outfits that instantly become the object of desire for all fashionistas in the world. And now she showed another such outfit.

Her dress at the amFAR gala evening of the 80th Venice Film Festival is discussed by everyone, and for good reason – it is seductive in its purest form. A flying silhouette, transparent black chiffon, golden decor – this is a real temptation, and not just an outfit.

Fans immediately vied with each other to ask the actress on social networks how she manages to get younger every year and become more beautiful.

But Beckinsale is not particularly fond of sharing his beauty secrets. It is only known that Kate is a big sports fan. Not a single day passes without training, and her chiseled figure is a confirmation of this.

Although the star often chuckles at their forms. “A reed with a round ass and small breasts,” is how the actress calls herself.

But in nutrition, Kate now does not particularly limit herself. She refused meat for a long time, but then she nevertheless returned to it. The actress admitted that she lacks vegetable protein to feel energetic.

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