“Her Lips Have Become Thinner, The Features Have Changed a Little”: Jolie In The Paparazzi Photo Is Simply Unrecognizable!

Angelina Jolie used to be a popular and admired actress who had a unique look. People loved her lips, corners of her eyes, and cheekbones so much that cosmetic terms were named after her.

People even asked their beauticians to create the same effect. However, as time passed, Angelina Jolie has changed. She is now 47 years old and looks different from before.

Although she still looks the same on the red carpet with the help of makeup and styling, in real life, things are not the same.

Recently, photographers captured Angelina Jolie walking with her daughter, and people noticed some changes.

Her lips appeared thinner, and her features seemed to have changed. Many people believe that it all started after her divorce.

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