Horrifying last moments of mum eaten alive by safari park tiger after coming to her daughter’s rescue

Back in 2016, a video capturing one mom’s final moments of life before being mauled by a tiger has shocked social media users worldwide.

The woman in question, her daughter, and other members of their family were driving around Beijing’s Badaling Wildlife World in their own car. Before entering the park, they were asked to sign an agreement which stated they would not get out of the vehicle because of the risks of walking freely round an animal’s home.

Badaling Wildlife World

However, after feeling carsick, the daughter, who goes by the name Zhao, left the vehicle. On the chilling footage that emerged, she could be seen checking if she was holding up traffic.

At one moment, shortly after leaving her vehicle, Zhao was attacked by a Siberian tiger that leaped towards her. The animal pulled Zhao to the ground and dragged her to the bushes. The family ran to help her, with her mom trying to save her. Sadly, as the mother tried to pull her daughter away from the animal, another tiger attacked her and ate her alive in front of the family and other visitors of the park.

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The daughter, Zhao, suffered serious injuries but managed to survive the wild animal’s attack.

Zhao claimed that the park hadn’t warned them of the real dangers and said she believed the agreement she had signed was some kind of registration to enter. She and the family sued the park for the loss of her mother, stating they were not aware of the dangers and that a nearby park official had failed to come to the family’s rescue.

Authorities in the Yanqing District published a report stating the woman’s tragic death was not an ‘industry security accident’ which meant the park was not responsible.

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