Woman issues terrifying warning after finding a stroller abandoned on the side of the road

A new disturbing scam that takes advantage of the generosity of strangers has emerged, and one mother, Nancy Walsh, is sharing a warning that could save you from getting yourself into trouble.

Her urgent message reads: “If you see a stroller, car seat, or any type of baby situation alone in the middle of nowhere, please, I repeat, don’t get out. Be safe.”

Of course, when noticing any baby equipment on the side of a road, our initial reaction would be to get out of the car and make sure no baby or child is in trouble.

Nancy Walsh with Jeff Cook Real Estate – Facebook

Walsh, an estate agent, encountered this potentially alarming scene that might raise concern for individuals traveling alone.

She posted photos of an abandoned stroller positioned on the side of a country road. Her car appeared to be the sole vehicle in the area, and her headlights illuminated the pram, which was oriented away from her direction of travel, making it impossible to determine if there was anything inside it.

The stroller was positioned on a grassy verge adjacent to the road, which was flanked by large trees on one side. This kind of scenario might be particularly unsettling due to the isolated setting and the mysteries associated with the abandoned stroller.

According to Walsh, and plenty of other social media users, this is a trap. “Never get out. Always call 911 and let local authorities investigate,” one person wrote. “Yes, people lie in wait. At best they rob you, at worst they bash you too,” another added. “Families are struggling, some of them will use kids as bait,” some else commented.


This alleged scam is done in order for a person to get out of their vehicle and leave it unattended while they check on the stroller. The scammers then steal the vehicle, rob the person, or even hurt him physically.

However, there were also those who commented under Walsh’s post and said that some people leave baby stuff at the side of the road because they are still usable and they don’t want to throw them as someone might find them useful.

But most of them agreed that the reason behind these abandoned strollers is sinister. “Someone may have put it on for when someone gets off [the road] to see what happens…,” a person wrote. Another agreed, adding: “It’s a bait trap. don’t get out. Pull over. STAY IN THE CAR. Lock the door. And call 911 FAST.”


Walsh’s warning isn’t the first one issued on the same matter.

“OMG – I would be out of the car so fast to check, thanks for the warning,” one mother commented. “This is so cruel because they are targeting the best of us,” another person who said they would certainly get out and check if there was a child in danger added.

The ‘abandoned baby’ scam is a troubling part of a broader trend of deceptive practices aimed at exploiting the goodwill of kind-hearted individuals. Other similar scams involve a person feigns being passed out on the roadside while others wait in ambush to attack those who offer help.


Some people shared their personal experiences with such scams. “I pulled over to help a man passed out on the side of the road once. The police officer yelled at me and said it is often a scam and as a single woman I should be more careful,” one social media user posted. “I have heard of women screaming for help only to do the same thing. Just call the cops and move on,” another person warned.

Walsh’s post gathered plenty of attention and has been shared 23,000 times.

No matter the urge to provide help to those we believe are in some sort of trouble, we should always be extra cautious and make sure we don’t put our own lives at risk.

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Woman issues terrifying warning after finding a stroller abandoned on the side of the road

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