A Sales Assistant Told My Wife She Wasn’t ‘Pretty Enough’ to Work in Their Store — I Returned a Few Days Later for the Perfect Revenge

A store assistant made my wife cry when she applied for a job, claiming she wasn’t “pretty enough.” This upset me, so I decided to teach the assistant a lesson.

My wife Emma loves fashion and has impeccable taste. Despite working various jobs, she always dreamed of a retail career. Recently, she decided to pursue this passion. One day, she saw a “Now Hiring” sign at a famous lingerie store. Excited, she inquired inside but was met with, “Look, hun, I don’t think you’re pretty enough for this job. NO CHANCE. Don’t even try, okay?” Emma was heartbroken and in tears when she got home.

Seeing her devastated made me furious. I reached out to my friend Mike in the fashion industry for help. We devised a plan. I went to the store, pretending to be a customer looking for lingerie for my wife. The assistant, eager for a sale, became attentive. After engaging her for a while, I stepped out to call Mike.

Mike arrived and introduced himself as a talent scout. He assessed the assistant and then dismissed her, saying, “I don’t think you quite fit what we’re looking for.” He turned to me, suggesting I could be a model and praised my wife, Emma, as perfect for a campaign. The assistant was visibly shocked.

Later, Emma met with Mike, and although she didn’t pursue modeling, the experience boosted her confidence. A week later, we walked past the store, Emma holding her head high. Sometimes, the best revenge is lifting up the ones you love and helping them see their true worth.

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