Only 10 Years Old and Already 190 kg! The World’s Fattest Boy Undergoes Astonishing Transformation

The boy used to be known as the world’s fattest child. He weighed 190 kg when he was younger. He experienced an amazing turnaround in just a single year. He gave up fast food and grew into a handsome, healthy boy.

When Arya Permana was named the heaviest boy on the earth, he shot to international fame. He was more than 190 kg when he was only ten years old. This startled the public by exposing the link between his illness and food and inactivity. The combination of his fast food intake and sedentary lifestyle caused him to acquire weight quickly.

The potential health risks associated with being overweight worried Arya’s parents a great deal. They made him visit a doctor in spite of his resistance. The expert recommended a strict rice and vegetable diet. They chose to proceed with stomach reduction surgery since Arya found it difficult to adhere to the diet on his own.


Arya puts in her best effort to adhere to the doctor’s dietary suggestions. He started exercising more, and the effects were felt right away. Arya managed to cut his weight in half and is currently aiming for 63 kg. In order to pay for an operation to remove his extra skin, his parents are gathering money. Arya is driven to fulfill his dream of becoming a football player.


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