This horse was very thankful so he showed it to the guy who saved him

Being constrained is not enjoyable. This might be particularly true for animals, who have a natural need to roam freely and unrestricted.

Unfortunately, this is not the situation for many horses in Romania due to a widespread practice. Horses’ front or hind legs may occasionally be chained to keep them from escaping.

When a horse like this was discovered, veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu understood exactly what had to be done.

In the Danube delta, Ovidiu came across the shackled wild horse, and his heart burst. The horse’s legs were restricted from movement by heavy shackles that were even tearing at his skin.

The horse could hardly even move no matter what he did.

Ovidiu was well aware of how much freedom to run and wander around is desired by horses. So he started acting right away.

Saving the horse

Ovidiu picked up his tools and started working right away. He draws the creature forward and eventually gets it to lie down.

He then reaches for his pliers and starts working delicately.

Watch the video below to see the remarkable rescue and the horse’s outstanding response.

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